What’s your purpose in life?

Tomorrow is not a guarantee. We don’t know when our last day will be. Today I was listening to a speech by Les Brown, a brilliant man. He speaks the truth and gets you to realize who you are and how you should be living your life. So today, I am asking what is your purpose in life? We all have dreams that we would love to achieve. Do you go out there and make sure to try and achieve them? For most people I feel like that answer is no. Most people are miserable, they are miserable because they aren’t doing what makes them happy. They aren’t doing what there purpose in life was. What is stopping them? Ignorance, fear, or not thinking they deserve it. Wait, what? Everyone deserves to achieve their dreams. Yes, everyone’s dreams change as their lives go on. Never did I see where I am today. Never did I see myself running multiple races a year, challenging myself to my limits and pushing myself beyond that line.

Its hard to say what a person’s purpose in life is. Its hard for anyone to sit down and think about what they were meant to do with their lives. I believe God has a plan for all of us, whether you believe in him or don’t. The problem is, we are all so damn busy with the hussle and bussle of everyday living that we haven’t stopped and asked ourselves, what about me? What makes me happy? I see so many people at their jobs, day in and day out that are basically miserable. They are not happy with what they are doing. Why is this? Oh, that’s right they have settled into this mundane routine of not being happy and just going through the motions.

I am lucky, I love being an engineer. I love design work. I love being able to work for an aerospace company and watch my designs go into outerspace, not going to lie that’s pretty freaking awesome. So yes, I am maybe one of the few who loves their career. But why can’t you? Why can’t you take that leap of faith and change what you are doing and make it better? We can all do it, all it takes is that first step off the ledge that you have been sitting on not so contently and miserable. JUST DO IT!

Now, yes I know this has nothing to do with racing, but wait yes it does. I was petrified to run Tough Mudder for the first time. Hell, I could barely walk let alone run a 12+ mile course with obstacles that not only challenged you mentally but physically. But guess what, I took that step. I took that leap of faith and went for it. And look where I am today, I am a million times healthier. A million times happier. Hell I am living. I was going through the motions of my life before. Lupus had me by the throat and was holding on tight. I broke that hold and will NEVER let it have me again. I will never be miserable. I realize that lupus may win in the long run, that I may die at a younger age due to complications of the disease. I have come to accept that. But you know what, I am not going to live my life with regrets right now. I will do what I want, run the races I want, and LIVE. I want to be happy, and help others be happy in the process.

See you have to realize that doing what I am doing now is a huge leap for me. When I was sick it was bad, really bad. Daily I would put a fake smile on my face and pretend to be ok so that others wouldn’t have to know the agonizing pain I was in. I didn’t want to have to explain to people why I was losing all my hair. I didn’t want to have to explain to people why I suddenly gaining all kinds of weight. I was EMBARASSED. I lived this way for a very long time. I didn’t want to share what I had been through, I didn’t want a single person to know, because for me it was an embarrassment. It wasn’t until I got more involved in the OCR community that certain individuals, you know who you are, pushed me to take that leap yet again. I started this blog, I started to share my story. And to my astonishment, it was taken with open arms and appraisal. I encouraged people I didn’t even know.

I just want people to realize its ok to take that leap, its ok to fail, its ok to make mistakes. You need to try and live your dreams. You need to be happy. You should do whatever it takes to do so. Yes, that involves taking risks, yes its not always the safe path to travel, but you may be a hell of a lot happier in the long run. It would be better than being the grouchy person at the office 😉

Challenge ACCEPTED: Cover 200 miles in 30 +/- hours

AWESOME teammate

Crushing Crohn's

Who in the right mind would even consider running 200 miles let alone in high altitude? Well, a BADASS Ragnarian, that’s what! This past weekend the Ragnar Relay came to Colorado. For those you that don’t know a Ragnar Relay is a crazy relay race that has you running 200 miles, but for Colorado this meant running from Copper Mountain to Snowmass. Don’t worry I am no that crazy and didn’t do it alone, I had 11 other amazing, yet just as crazy, people who were doing it with me!

Last October, I moved to Colorado not knowing anyone. Over the next few months met a few people here and there but nothing really took. I decided that I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone and try something new. So I decided on running. I started running with Team Challenge for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation and…

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What you put in, makes a difference

Go figure, the phrase “What you put it, comes out” holds true when it comes to food. When you eat like shit you are going to feel like shit. It’s true, there is not denying it. You get into the habit of cooking easy stuff, which is inevitably processed, not really crap. Nasty, not good for you crap.

This crap, its going to make your body feel like crap. I started paleo about two years ago and this was my saving grace from lupus. I have tried who knows how many different types of medicines to treat what I have, nothing has worked. Nothing has cured what I have. When I started changing what I eat I realized that dairy, gluten, and processed foods are a big part of what is making me sick. Yes, that’s a huge part of the typical American diet. Yes, that eliminates pretty much every single person’s fast food in take, but wait fast food is crap any way.

Starting grad school recently I have been so busy, I have gotten lazy. My laziness, has shown in my diet. My diet has fallen on the tracks, and so has my health. Well dammit I feel like crap and have no energy. I know this is because of what I am eating. I need to get back on my paleo eating kick and not eat the crap that I was eating before. Its not good for me and getting to where I want to be.

You see, my goal long term, is to eventually be medicine free. In order to do this I need to get the lupus into remission by purely doing it naturally. Treating the lupus with medicine and exercise is key to my success. I have learned what I bad for me. It is essential that I follow this. Yes, its not easy to follow a lifestyle like this, yes it may be hard. But it is key to do so.

Many people don’t realize this. That is why obesity is such a huge problem in today’s society. That is why awareness needs to be made so that children realize that they need to pay attention to what they are taking into their bodies.

Whats 30 hours and 194 miles long?

Ragnar, thats what! A crazy relay race that has you running from Copper Mountain to Snowmass, yes it does take a special kind of crazy to want to do something like that, but guess what? I had 11 other amazing people who were willing to do this with me!

Recently I have been under a lot of stress, well as many of you know lupus and stress do not get a long at all. Its one of the biggest triggers to cause a flare. I was a little worried about this race, I didn’t want to let my team down. I didn’t want to be a disappointment and not be able to represent COR well.

Leg 1 was 7.6 miles with a 450 ft elevation gain in the first half mile. Yeah that first half mile was brutal, my team Jared ran down it, which would have been awesome. Running uphill is a killer, and it took some time to recover. This leg required me to run around the Dillion reservoir. I chose to not take water on this leg, knowing there would be a water station a few miles in. It was a tough leg for me to run. It was warm, and I can tell the stress had taken a toll on my body. The first issue on this leg is I missed a turn and ended up running an extra half of a mile. Yeah glad I turned around and saw everyone else on a different road, oops extra mile for good measure. My hips were on fire and screaming profanities at me. I had to push through I had to finish this leg and be done. I didn’t want to not succeed. My friends David and Nick saw me as I reached the top of the Dam, and apparently I had a look of not happiness on my face. Yep not happy when your hips are on fire. A lot of things go through your head when you are in this position. A lot of mental battles and struggles. I pushed myself through, as the rain started I regained the motivation I need to finish off the leg and run up Main Street in Frisco to the exchange. Legs hurting, body mad, I had to push that away and prepare myself for the next leg.

Leg 2 was going to be my redemption, I had to get it back. I need to kick it into high gear, and not let the disease win. See not many people realize that almost every day, every race is a battle. I fight this battle with what I have in order to do the things I love. This leg was going to be much shorter a 2.4 mile run. This will be were I do well! I rocked that leg, I retaped my legs and they didn’t hurt. I felt amazing, it was great ! This leg was 2.4 miles and I rocked it in 24 minutes. Which felt pretty damn good. It feels good to push yourself harder and do well!

Now when you run Ragnar, there is little to no sleep, your body is running on pure adrenaline basically. You are running on the will to succeed this amazing feat. You are running on pure motivation. I didn’t sleep much when van 1 finished the second leg, we went to Glenwood High School, the gym floor was cold, every was being loud, no sleep was going to happen. I accepted that and went ahead and prepared for that morning so we could finish the final leg of the mission.

Leg 3, I was running on empty, my body was pretty much done. I knew it, my body knew it. My van mates were playing Journey, “Don’t Stop Beliving”, which was then permanently stuck in my head for the leg, which little did they know would help out on this leg. Knowing I had little to no energy left, this was going to take a lot. This was going to be a mind game for me. I hurt, I am not going to lie, my knees, my hips, my back. This was lupus and RA’s way of saying maybe I have been pushing too hard? But you know what maybe not? I have been told that I push too hard. That I am stubborn. Damn straight I am stubborn, I don’t accept failure. That is not in my vocabulary. I don’t understand or accept that word. So yes I will push myself past all of this. 6.7 miles of a fight ahead of me, Journey in my head. I had to walk some on this leg, in order to keep pushing, I didn’t stop but every few miles needed to walk. The volunteers were making noise about 3 miles from the exchange, a bear had just pooped on the trail, great!! More motivation to go faster, I would like to not be bear food! I finished the leg, it wasn’t my best, but far from the worst. I had finished my Ragnar legs, I was done. My body was beaten and done. But I didn’t quit. I finished.

Every time, I do one of these races, I am always hard on myself. I want to be a great athlete. I know I am far from being in amazing shape or in perfect shape. I strive to but have a lot of hurdles to climb over, I am getting there slowly but surely. I know I am far from being the strongest runner on my team, and that was a concern of mine, I was afraid to not perform well, I knew we had great runners on our team.

I know I could have ran better, but I did what I could. I finished, and ran the best that I could push my body to do for this event. One day, I will be able to completely get my lupus to stop hindering my ability out on the course. One day there will be a cure. I will not give up until this is the case. I will continue to fight the fight.

I want to thank all of my awesome team mates. They are all amazing people. Each individual on our COR team deserves all of my respect, you are all amazing and great people. It was an honor and great to run with all of you. I look forward to the opportunity to possibly do it again!

A special thank you to Jim for inviting me to run with COR, I just got more involved with the group. Even though just getting started with the group everyone makes me feel like family!

A final special thank you to our van driver Angela and photographer Garth. You two rock! You were willing to put up with 6 smelly, grouchy, tired, complaining runners for 30 some hours. That takes a lot of will power and strength! Kudos to you guys and it was a blast ! Thank you so much for taking the time out of your days to take in the experience of the Ragnar with us!10570504_797970020247158_1240701789790490462_n















Why Race?

Today while kidding around about what race number I am on this year, 9 I believe, someone asked me why I race?  Why would you pay money to go run a Ragnar relay and stay up for 24+ hours, and run 200 miles as a team?  Aren’t there other things you spend your money on?

To put it simply yes, there are other things I could spend my money on, but why would I?  Racing gives me the opportunity to do what I love, which is run and race.   I love being able to go out on the course, where ever it may be and push myself.   Now who in their right mind would ever want to do something like that?  Well to be honest, me.   Every since joining the racing community three years ago, I have become addicted.   I love the camaraderie and the fact that what I am doing inspires others to get up and try.   Hearing from people who have heard my story and are inspired, when I didn’t even know they needed inspiring, pushes me to do more.   You see, having lupus is not a punishment by any means.   Yes, it does suck royally to have an immune system which doesn’t operate correctly and feels the need to attack me.   But you live.  You push on past this circumstance of life and do what you want to do.  I figured out that I need to inspire, however small it may be, whoever it may reach.

I want to let others know that, they can get up and do it too.  Now I know I run some crazy races, and not everyone who may read this is willing to go out there and run Tough Mudder on their first race, but go walk a 5k.   You will be surprised at how proud of a moment it will be when you cross that finish line.

Everyone jokes that I do it for the bling.  The picture below is my cube wall at work, yes I am an electrical engineer, so seeing this will inevitably pose some questions when people come to my desk.   Great, that what I want, I want people to know that the true reason I run races, is not only for myself and to prove that there is no way in HELL that lupus will ever have me, but to help those I know and that around me. Okay not going to lie, I like wallpapering my cube wall in race bibs and medals.   Why?  Inspiration, pure inspiration.   I can be having the world’s worst day at work and look up and see my accomplishments.  Well, I know I will definitely go work out and push myself, so that I may make more achievements and accomplishments for myself.

So the money I am paying is well spent in my honest opinion.   Why not spend it on something that is going to help keep me healthy and keep me going?   I would much rather spend my money on a race, then go out to eat or go to the movies.

A little bit of a rant today, I know.   But I don’t think everyone truly understands the reason WHY?   This weekend will mark race 10, and I have a few more on the list to complete this year.   So yes, I spend a fair amount of money to stay in shape, but you know what I am not doing, spending money on hospital bills anymore.   I love the fact that I have not been to the Emergency Room in over a year for my lupus or RA.   For me that’s priceless, when I was spending every other week in the hospital at one point.  For me its worth the race entry and worth going out and killing it every weekend.  Well and I mean I am not done filling in the cube wall yet 😉



Ohhh the obstacles, no not just the walls, the monkey bars, the inverted wall. I am talking all of life’s obstacles. I am pretty sure you know what I mean. Life is really good at throwing us obstacles every once in awhile that makes us stop and go WHAT THE HECK??? I believe that God gives us these obstacles for a reason, he only gives us things he knows we are going to make it through. We are very strong individuals, even though we may not think so. Hell, if I can kick lupus’s ass I am pretty sure I can beat anything. 🙂 Its almost like obstacle course racing makes us face our demons. That rope that you are petrified to climb, that wall that always gets you, the spear throw that you never hit. OCR’s make you a stronger individual no matter how you see it. The team work, the mental strength, and the physical strength that goes into completing one of these races. Now hear me out, I am not talking about one of the fun races, yes those are great races to go into and complete. I am talking more about a Spartan race. A race where you are pushed to your limit line and then propelled 100 yards beyond that. You are no longer in your comfort zone honey, you are in an area well beyond the comfort zone.

I honestly believe now that you should be pushed beyond your comfort zone, why live wrapped up in that comfort blanket knowing that you will never be challenged or pushed to the limit. You will be amazed at what you can do. You will have tears of joy to know that you pushed yourself beyond that limit line.

As for obstacles, no matter what the obstacle or hurdle may be, we need to face it head on. I don’t care what it is don’t back down. Be strong, be resilient, stand strong. For all my female friends out there, YOU ARE WOMAN STAND PROUD STAND STRONG AND DON’T BACK DOWN!! For all my friends out there battling a disease, I know what it is like, I know how it feels to wake up every single day in excruciating pain, knowing that you have to get out of bed knowing that you don’t want to. Fight it, don’t let that disease get you! You have to be stronger than the disease you have.

When I completed the Spartan Beast in Utah, I knew something was definitely true, ” I may have Lupus, but lupus sure as hell doesn’t have me!” And you know what? I wrote that on the wall at the Spartan race. Stand strong and proud all my friends! Face your fears, no matter how hard or scary it may be. 10462464_920743251711_5962795025836699266_n


We all have our “limits”, but what does this truly define? I know I have hit what I thought was a limit during many of my races, but kept pushing myself far beyond what I thought was once possible. We all have these “limits” set in our heads, and they are not necessarily a good thing I have come to realize.

While running the trail half marathon up and back down Beaver Creek Mountain on Sunday, I thought I had hit my limit to be honest. I was hurting, the lupus was trying its hardest to get me to stop and give up. See, I have pushed myself too hard before and ended up getting hurt, I didn’t want that to happen so a lot of thoughts went through my mind. I finally decided after some praying and talking to myself that I needed to finish this, I wanted to finish it.

And finish I did, in a decent time, and wasn’t too bad for a trail half marathon that was intended to kick your ass. And I am beyond happy that I pushed through and finished the race. Its the satisfaction of knowing you didn’t fail, you didn’t give up, you succeeded.

I personally after an awesome work out last night, have to come to realize I don’t truly believe in limits. I will push my body till I am laying on the floor in a pool of sweat going “That was awesome!” Yes, there are plenty of people out there who think I am crazy. Yes, there are people out there who believe I don’t really do everything I do, but in my heart I know I do. I do because I can. I do because I don’t want lupus to conqueror my life. I do so that others may see and be inspired by what I do. I am amazed by the people who have come up to me and said I was inspirational. I know God gave me lupus and RA for reason, yes it took me about 8 years to figure that one out, but I did and thats simply to inspire. I love hearing when people are encouraged to push harder and go farther because of me and my story. I also have the haters out there that I have encountered who don’t believe that what I am doing is right or I am not doing it right. Well they can go fly a kite, because I don’t need that negativity in my life. I am not trying to beat anyone in a competition. I am simply trying to survive and kick lupus’s ass. Pretty cut and dry answer.

So the biggest question you must ask yourself, is what is your limit? Have you pushed that limit? Should you push that limit. Like I said you SHOULD NOT have limits, they will only hold you back. You would be amazed at what the human body is capable of. Even a human body riddled with lupus and RA. Go figure that if you put your mind to something and have a goal set, YOU WILL ACHIEVE IT!

Until next time, heed this quote from Thomas Jefferson :
There are no great limits to growth because there are no limits of human intelligence, imagination, and wonder.



Recently, in light of a lot of things in my life, I have been motivated to look back at what I used to be before I started running OCR’s and races. I started looking back through pictures of me of what I used to look like, I was smiling but you could see I truly wasn’t happy.

I was living with a disease that was basically trying to kill me every day. The doctors didn’t know how to get it under control. I lived in the hospital basically and was on a first name basis with the staff. That’s when you know its bad, the staff at the hospital knows you and your story better than some family members. So needless to say, I had hit a low. In the picture I am going to show you today, you can see that I am always turned so that my right cheek isn’t visible to the picture. You see that is because I ended up with a staph infection that basically started eating away at my face from the corner of my mouth all the way up to my ear and through my hair.

I was embarassed and hated being stared at by people. Whispering and asking what is wrong with her! Shortly after this my health went downhill, I spent weeks in the hospital. Was in jeopardy of losing my job and was so exhausted not being able to recover. I went from the staph infection, to multiple bloods clots, to emergency gall bladder surgery, to having my retina detach. All of this happened in the matter of probably two years, right before I moved to Denver. My health was deteriorating. The medicines, toxic medicines, weren’t helping me.

After moving to Denver I decided that I was done living that way. I needed to get my ass off my pity party train, and start making changes for the better in my life. Up until this point I have never ever heard of obstacle course racing. Didn’t even have the slightest clue as to what it was. I was convinced, shortly after moving to Denver, to run Tough Mudder. This was probably the craziest thing I have ever done, and if you know me I am one crazy girl now…. Back then though I was a different individual, I basically was just getting by and not living my life. I was miserable. Beyond recommendations from my numerous doctors, telling me you shouldn’t do a race like this, I decided to hell with it, I am going to do it. My little brother, Alex, decided to run with me. Also a great friend Shannon. We got to the first hill climb up a ski slope none the less, and I broke down, there was no way in hell I was going to be able to finish a race like this, when I could barely walk some days or even get out of bed. What in the hell was I thinking by signing up for it and attempting this. Well, Alex motivated me and drug me up the hill, tear filled eyes and all. The next 3 hours while I was out there, was probably the most life changing experience I have ever had. I saw many people on the course that day, and so many words of encouragement from people I didn’t even know. Those words however small they may have been, helped push me further. When I reached the top of the mountain about half way through the race, my best friend Nikki and her mom were there cheering me on. Cowbells and all encouraging me and motivating me to push harder and go farther. I know she knows how much that meant to me, but without their support I don’t think I would have been able to finish. Well, my brother and Shannon too, they were the crazies running the race with me. I knew at this point that I had about half the race to go and I was beyond exhausted, the lupus was beyond pissed off and so was my entire body. Yes, I refer to the disease I have as the lupus, and it does get angry then I just talk it back into its place. I had to dig deep into part of me that I hadn’t seen in probably 8 years since being diagnosed. I wanted to finish more than words could explain. I needed to finish. I needed to prove to myself that “I may have lupus, but lupus WILL NOT have me anymore”. Yes, I failed a lot of the obstacles, I was probably the weakest one out there. Coming down the mountain and seeing Everest at the bottom of the hill, I broke down in tears. My body was done. There was no way in hell I could finish that obstacle, I had hit the point that I couldn’t even run my knees and ankles were so swollen from the days events. I skipped it, for fear of hurting myself. Tears streaming down my face, I will never forget what my little brother said to me “Big girls don’t cry, we are going to finish this! Wipe those tears off your face and lets get your ass in gear” Interesting how a little brother can light a fire under your ass and get your butt in gear! I ran from Everest, through the Electric Shock wires, and crossed the finish line. Crossing the finish line I broke down in tears, I had achieved something that many believed I would never be able to do. There are pictures of me and I look exhausted and beat, but I finished.

After completing Tough Mudder, I had this passion to get better. I wanted to be able to do all the obstacles and not fail. For me at this point failure was not an option for me because I was so tired of failing for the longest time. I started changing my life, what I ate and working out much more. I spent the next year regaining my strength that I had once had long before being diagnosed. The next year, I went a little crazy and raced 25 races. Spartan included. See Spartan pushed me to a new limit, if you failed an obstacle you didn’t just walk on by, you did burpees. And thus my new obsession with burpees and Spartan races. I loved the challenge and the need to get better so I wouldn’t have to do burpees. This year I completed my Trifecta, an acheivment that I once again broke down in tears after crossing the finish line. I would love and have my mind set now, thanks to David, to push for my double trifecta and possible a triple, why not??

I am starting cross fit to help improve my strength and capabilities. And the best part? A long the way I have met some amazing people, people who despite what they may think have played a huge role and made a huge impact on who I am today. David, Nicole, Laura, and many others. You all have played a huge role in pushing my limits, not allowing me to give up. I think thank you is in order for all you have done!

I am beyond measures happier with my life now. I have a lot of that to thank to obstacle course racing and racing in general. That is my stress relief and keep sane activities. I will work out till I am on the ground now, never thought I would be that crazy girl, but here I am! I can’t believe that I have come this far and have so much further to go.

In the pictures below, you will see how I have changed. The pictures of me not racing and the black shirt were when I was at my lowest and sickest. Then pictures of me now, Spartan racing and my first half marathon. I see a world of difference, because I know the smile on my face now is genuine.





Living Every Day As Though It Were Your Last

Walking into work on Monday morning with the horrifying news, that a co worker had passed away definitely is a crappy way to start your week. This individual was an amazing man and engineer, and to hear that he passed was a hard one to swallow. He was young and to be taken so suddenly made me realize how everyone should live their life.

I think many individuals take life for granted. Always putting off what they could do today, until the next. The problem is what if you don’t have a next. I try and live my life with no regrets and living every moment as though it were my last. You never know when your time will be up and when God will call you to be an angel.

I feel like that is another reason among many, that I do what I do. I am the crazy Spartan chick, that likes to run a lot and do as many races as possible. I want to make sure I am living my life to the fullest and enjoying every minute that I can. I love racing and running. There is a feeling that no words can explain when you are able to go out and run a race and finish. Yes, I am by no means the fastest out there and I am more than ok with that.

I don’t want to look back on my life and think ” I should have done that”. I want to look back and saw “I am glad I did that!” Sadly though, not everyone looks through the looking glass in the same fashion as me, and they should. You shouldn’t let the petty stuff get to you. You should smile more and laugh as much as possible. Yes, it might be the worst day ever but smiling is the best thing that you could do for yourself.

Yes I know this is a random post, but maybe someone out there will make the connection and start living life up! Its a lot more fun that way. We were all given this life to live, and we should do everything we can to live it to the fullest. Now, I know that may not mean running like a mad woman, but you should do what makes you happy. That’s the best way to live!


Today I am inspired, no pun intended, to write about inspiration. For quite some time now, I have decided that I am doing what I am doing to inspire others. Oh yeah and I am crazy! But that’s besides the point, we already knew that! I want to inspire others who have been told they can’t to do what they want. I see so many women in this world today, simply give up because they got told they couldn’t do it and then in turn believed it. I at one of my sickest points in my life got told, you will never run or be active again so get used to it. How am I supposed to handle something like that? Being told NO. Well that simple two letter word was a driving force for a lot of what I am doing today, I want to ensure that other people don’t let the simplest of things get them down. Yes, I have lupus. Yes, I know I will die long before a lot of other people because the disease is doing damage to my body. But NO, I am not going to let that stop me from living my life and helping others.

I recently finally was able to meet an amazing woman by the name of Laura Curtis. She is a very like minded individual like me who inspires others to do amazing things. Its refreshing and amazing at the same time to meet another individual who wants to inspire others to be successful and strive for greatness. Now I know why we get a long so well! Today, however she is embarking on an awesomely crazy challenge. She will do tire flips and squat thrusts for a mile. This is no small feat by any means and accomplishment irregardless! This amazing feat and will power to do something this awesome will inspire others who are afraid to push themselves to their limit. Yes, limits are going to be pushed and crossed. But isn’t that the point of living a full life? Aren’t you supposed to push those limits and strive to better every single day. What Laura is doing today may not seem like much to all of you. But even to me, who is just as crazy, its purely inspirational. Wanting to prove all your haters wrong and say hey look at me now, well inspiring others to do the same thing is something words can’t even explain.

We live in a society today were girls have such bad self esteem, and the simple fact is that they let what everyone says to them get in their heads. Had I done that I would be sickly and in a hospital bed today. Rather I turned that into motivation to push myself harder and longer. This in turn can and will inspire others to be what they want to be, not what some punk kid thinks of them. Laura among many other individuals I have met recently are some of the people who battle everyday to ensure others can be successful. I am so happy and proud to call her a friend and also be running Ragnar with her in August.

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